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November 28, 2012
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CCW: King Maik's new ref by EgyptianKitten CCW: King Maik's new ref by EgyptianKitten

yay, new Maik referrence :dummy: and his bio is a little more updated~

but yeah, I'm so tired x.x gonna go to sleep here in a few~


Title name: Maik, King of the Hearts Kingdom.
Regular Name: Maik Tigerleaf
Age: 98 (15/16 in appearance)
Gender: male
Race: half tiger
Personality: quiet, composed, serious, reasonable, clear thinker, intelligent, loyal to his kingdom, tries his best to solve issues and keep people safe, only really talks when in a meeting/declaring something/being addressed, not easily trusting of anyone and is rather a direct person - a.k.a 'straight-to-the-point', meaning he doesn't waste time in doing/deciding something, etc, and doesn't complain very often about things either, instead he pretty much just goes along with whatever
(however, when near sweets, he tends to act REALLY ooc xD and when near Alistair, he tends to get REALLY pissed off XD)

Smexuality; doesn't even know anymore

Powers/Abilities; able to jump extremely high
Fighting style; sword-fighting if nessisary, otherwise he uses reason and calmness.. if that makes sense

Likes: peace and quiet in both his castle and his kingdom, his people being happy and safe, when he gets even a short break from his king duties, being left alone, soft piano music, old books(especially the smell), delicious smelling foods, soft or silky fabrics
Dislikes; the Shadow Dwellers Kingdom, any kind of trouble or chaos in his kingdom - or any of the other good ones, being bothered, talking about a certain part of his past (you'll know here in a minute if you don't skip all this or anything), smelly fish, betrayal, being to close to people, screwing up in his king duties
Favorite food; meat, strawberry pasteries

Maik is the first and only heir his parents could have, he was rasied well, and was edgucated in the art of music, horse-back riding, sword fighting, and other nessisary lessons of being a proper prince - and king, I might add - from an early age, his parents took extra procaution in protecting him due to the fact that he was the only heir to the kingdom. he had a happy childhood, and most of his teenage years were pretty good to, he didn't mind his lessons, nor did he mind being protected everytime he went outside, he just tried to make the best of it, and managed to do so

When he turned 18, he met a boy about a year older then him named Jere', son of his fathers Advicer. the two became quite close within a mere few hours, and even called each other brothers by the end of the day. they saw each other each day from then on whenever Maik was done with his lessons/prince duties, and whenever Jere' was done with his own lessons and such. they became quite attached to each other, and vowed to be friends forever
however, by the time Maik turned 19, he begun seeing less and less of his friend, not because Maik was to busy to see him, but because Jere' was. more time passed, and soon Maik only saw Jere' once every two days, then every other day, then soon months went by before he could talk to his friend again, and often heard that most of the time when he was busy, he was actually partying with other people
when Maik turned 21, he finally gave up trying to talk to his friend, managed to get over it after a while, confronted him, and ended their friendship forever. he doesn't hold a grudge against Jere', realizing that Jere' was making it easier for him by telling him he was busy, and knows that some friendships just fade away sometimes
Maik didn't - and still doesn't - easily trust people because of this however, and traids lightly when making new friends, and is only close to very few whom he does trust, but even then he fears it will end the same as his last close friendship did

Maik became king of the Hearts Kingdom when he turned 96 after his parents passed on from old age, he is one of the youngest kings to have ever ruled the Hearts Kingdom, and tries to do just as well as the other kingdom rulers in running his land. at first he found his newer duties rather difficult, but soon grew accustomed to it, and does his best to keep things fair, peaceful, and safe in the kingdom

Job: King to the Hearts Kingdom
Kingdom: .. isn't it obvious?

Additional Information:
~ he's extremely short
~ he rarely smiles (because he's emo)
~ he is REALLY confused about what gender he likes, no thanks to 'bat' ([link]) always picking on him about wearing hearts, and he's also rather confused as to if he actually likes HIM or not. (either way, he will never admit it xD)
- his right eye is blind - a deformity that grew through time since he was a child, he covers it because he thinks it's improper otherwise
- he has a pet tiger named Rosie <3 and she's probably the only living thing he admits he loves lol
- he gets REALLY stressed out about wars, to the point where he actually starves himself trying to make sure everythings ok.
- he ALWAYS carries his sword with him


and thas et :dummy:
hope ya'll like!!

Maik's old referrence (in case anyone's interested?) [link]

Maik and artwork belong to me~
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Nightmare-maker Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
He is awesome as ever! *breaking-the-forth-wall-glomp on Maik*
EgyptianKitten Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
thank you Night!! ;v; asdfghjkl

Maik; huh hey waitwhat - /is blown back by the force of the fourth-wall-breaking xD
Nightmare-maker Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
No need to thank me, he is just that awesome :3

Me: *happily glomping him* I love his ears!~
EgyptianKitten Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
asdfghjkl yur too kind ;v; I must thank you!!.. thank you! xD

Maik; my ears?!
Nightmare-maker Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
lolz, just make sure you keeping making more cute pics with him ^^

Me: They're so soft~ *playing with his ears now, but being gentle so that it won't hurt*
EgyptianKitten Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
I'll try lol XD and you should make more pics of Nex, I wuv her ;A;

Maik; I'm.. glad? *blushes*
Nightmare-maker Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
I actually have one pic of her on my computer. It shows how she looked like as a kid.

Me: Do you use conditioner?
EgyptianKitten Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
asdfghjkl really?! ;7;

Maik; .. conditioner? /blink blink
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PhotonButterfly Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
I still love this character~ He's too cute! >u<
EgyptianKitten Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
thanks!! I'm glad you like him asdfghjkl ;7; <3
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